The Fundamentals Of Abdominoplasty

The surgical operation that can flatten the stomach through the elimination of excess skin and fat while tightening the abdominal muscles is known as tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Perth is one of the many places where you can obtain this procedure. The operation is commonly sought after by women who had been pregnant or lost a lot of weight. A male tummy tuck is also available for men who recently had to lose a lot of unwanted pounds.

A Quick Introduction

A conventional procedure involves two treatment levels, which are a deep repair for the separated abdominal muscles from pregnancy or excess weight and superficially removing extra skin and fat in the lower part of the stomach. A part of the skin and fat will be removed from the belly button and either higher or lower on the pubic area. Up to 50% of the excess stomach skin is removed including stretch marks. Once that is done, the remaining skin is pulled down to cover the belly and this makes the stomach look tighter and flatter. The belly button is repositioned afterward but there are also instances when a new belly button needs to be created through a process called umbilicoplasty.

A Good Candidate

You could be an ideal candidate for this particular procedure if you have a stable weight, you are physically healthy, possess realistic expectations, have problems with a loose or droopy skin around your stomach, and if you have excess stomach fat that you cannot seem to remove even with diet and exercise. Apart from having a maintainable weight of BMI 30 at most, a good candidate must also stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before and after the operation to avoid the risk of healing impairment. You may also be a good candidate for other options like panniculectomy or fat apron removal and liposuction, which is usually performed after a tummy tuck.

The Cost

There are variations in the cost of abdominoplasty. Perth is home to a lot of surgeons, which means you can choose from different prices since it varies from one surgeon to another. Also, the price that you need to cover will also be affected by the cost, the method used, the surgeon’s level of experience, the location where the operation will be performed, and anaesthesia to name a few.

Choosing A Surgeon

Just like all the other kinds of procedure, you need to make sure that you choose the right cosmetic surgeon. Several factors should be considered but the experience is one of an essential one. Be sure to search for a cosmetic and plastic surgeon who is certified to conduct the procedure. You also need to confirm if he has done the operation numerous times and if they all yielded great and safe results. It is also highly recommended to go through multiple consultations prior to selecting a surgeon. It is also important to ask him different questions to help you assess if he is the perfect cosmetic surgeon for you. In line with this, you should also expect to be asked about your desired results. You will also undergo other sorts of examinations including having your stomach measured and photographed. Once you have chosen a cosmetic surgeon, he and his staff will help you prepare for the procedure. They will also assist you during and after the operation.